Poop Pit or Positive Perspective?

Today marks a full week that we have been living our new nomadic life. I admit I have woken up in the morning questioning my sanity, and wondering what the heck did we do to have our lives so viciously uprooted. All the unknowns and variables sometimes leave me utterly perplexed. We did not have time to research, and plan this RV life! At the same time reading the prior – it makes me chuckle. Seriously? We can plan our life with every bit of detail we can, but there is only One who knows how our life will truly be directed in the end. We can plan until we are blue in the face, and then reality happens.

Enter our first week.


So, please remember this if you ever decide to own an RV/trailer…..CLOSE YOUR VALVES WHEN YOU FLUSH THE LINES! We did the mistake of flushing our gray water, and accidentally leaving the valve open for many hours. We came home to the smell of decomposing flesh and manure! We had no idea what that smell was! Man, it stunk up to high heaven! Thanks to a friend, a little Happy Camper Powder and some warm water took the smell away. I guess the stench matched my attitude. Can you say CRAPITUDE?!


With all the hustle and bustle of reinventing our lives in our mobile domain, we forgot to remind our youngest to release all liquid from his system. In other words, pee before you go to bed. What happened next you ask? Why sure! Let me tell you! We got pee in the bed for every day of the week! Off to Walmart and a few stops to the laundromat and we are ready to go at it again. Then, it happens again! Geez kid….what are you an elephant?! Do you carry a river in your trunk? What’s up?!!!


The silver lining in all this is a beautiful thing called a friend. Who would have ever thought we would begin this unexpected adventure with friends?!! Our kids had a wonderful week of playing and cavorting and romping around with their buddies. We had a campfire, enjoyed the pool, and even took a crack at fishing! We had 5 families enjoying the week together. It was so special for our kids, and was a great experience in ushering us into this full-time RV stuff. (You know who you are – thank you my dear friends for making this shift less burdensome for us.)


I think this is pretty self explanatory. Perspective is truly a choice. Stress is a choice. Joy is a choice. Our life is what we make it. Yes, this was totally unexpected; but I don’t have to let my attitude continue to reek of rotten flesh and manure. I know that the choice is mine…..it’s either a disaster or an adventure. Which will I choose? If I’m brutally honest….it feels like a disaster….yet I will keep pressing forward in hopes of amazing adventures ahead. The kids are watching a Christmas movie and the old hymn called “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” is playing. This is truly perspective. Some of the lyrics say this: “Why should I feel discouraged, and why should the shadows come? Why should my heart feel lonely, and long for heaven and home? When Jesus is my portion, my constant friend is He. His Eye Is On The Sparrow, and I know He watches over me…..”

“Lord, this is not out of your control. We don’t know what the future holds, but we know you hold the future. Trusting you.”

Ok gotta run and tell the little guy he has to let the river flow! hahahah

Love to all!

Sassy Serrano & The Spicy Bunch

8 thoughts on “Poop Pit or Positive Perspective?

  1. Wow! You were totally initiated into the whole RV thing right away! That nightly river is likely feeling the rapids of life, too. It will steady. Your keen perspective will help you through-always seeking the good in all things. Hugs to you!


  2. Praying for your guys….I know how devastating it can be to lose everything and feel like, ok God are you still there? Then He shows up in a mighty way…Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey or as I like to say the great adventure of God in my life. You have been so encouraging to me in reminding me that He is watching over me .


  3. Blessings sis! You really have a gift for words! When reading your interesting blog I see God all over your new adventure! You will look back one day and say, thank you Lord, it was all worth it to have more of You! You can’t help but to pick joy, it’s the best choice! Blessings to all🙏 Love you!


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