Maybe Christmas ….Perhaps …Means A Little Bit More

A few days ago I was listening to some octogenarians talk about life, and their worries this side of heaven. I was working on my laptop in the adult lounge of our RV park, and was blessed by their conversation, and I snickered about some things too. 

I listened with my heart as an elderly woman told me about how she use to own strip malls, and a large embroidery business. How she had millions, and suddenly lost her health, and consequently her life’s work. She shared about her childhood, and being left in the middle of nowhere accidentally, because her father was impatient to get gasoline while on a road trip. Her father taught her how to survive in the great outdoors because he was part Native American, and instilled an appreciation of nature. Now her and her husband of over 40 years travel on a home on wheels. They are happy, healthier, and still in love.

That little 30 minute conversation amplified the reasons why we were placed on this nomadic journey.


I couldn’t help to relate to her in some ways. I know how it feels to loose everything. Before we were faced with having to leave our palm nursery behind, we had lost everything 10 years prior. Our life’s work, our beautiful home, and even some friendships were washed away by the housing crash of 2008. And the lesson I learned was the same: things never replace people, memories, or moments. You can rebuild. You can reinvent yourself again. You can still dare to hope.


I remember there was a time when we had the big beautiful house that was much grander than we needed; the nice cars, the piles of shoes, and closets full of clothes never worn. I remember the Christmas’ full of gifts that were not needed, and lists that were not necessary, and the stress that was not healthy. And even though, I remembered, for a small moment I began to feel bad that I wasn’t giving my kids all of those things.

In the famous story The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, the main character, The Grinch, realized that Christmas is more than just fluff and stuff. I, like the Grinch, am realizing the fluff and stuff is not needed to create a meaningful Christmas for the kids. In a way, I am thankful for this journey because the simplicity of this life actually unshackles the soul from the stress and the expectations that holiday commercialism can place on a family.

Even though we have a lot less of what we use to have….we have a lot more of what we need…..and that makes for the best Christmas ever.

So, bring on the socks and underwear! That’s all we need.

Merry Christmas Loved Ones!
One Spicy Bunch

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