Broken Into Beautiful

I am snuggling in our RV listening to the rain, and thinking, and working, and perusing Facebook. Multi-tasking, but in a comfy way! LOL.

Look at what sand looks like close up! (see link below)

This is so beautiful! Look at what sand looks like close up. Makes me think about what we must look like to the Lord. We might be broken, and pounded, and pulverized so much so that we feel unrecognizable. That our true self is somehow too broken to be remotely beautiful or useful. Then you look closer, and see you have been broken into something so beautiful, only those who have eyes to see, can see all your magnificent pieces. This is what I got just by looking at this picture. Amazing huh?!!

I admit seeing the rain pour down, and it being an El Niño year (rainy year); this would have been so awesome for our palms. Sometimes, I’m still in shock that we don’t have any of it. This is why perspective is so important. We might see JUST SAND, but in reality it is so much more. Sometimes we only see what we choose to see when we suffer.

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