When The Heat Gets Turned Up

You are probably reading this because you have followed us in our unexpected uprooting. If not, let me fill you in a little. Let’s take the short route.

Several weeks ago we were shockingly informed that we had to leave our home of 9 years. (We were given the impression that we would be there another 9 years or more). This place was our refuge, and also where all our children had been growing up together, and where we established our main business. We had to drastically uproot our lives, and leave our palm babies behind. In our lives the heat got turned up! And it has felt like, at times, we were scorching.

Without expecting it, or even daring to believe this would be an option for us; we were thrown into the life of a bonafide full-time RV’r. Yup! You heard us right. A full blown road traveling family. Saaaay whaaaat??!!! I know! I’m still in shock that I am writing you from our trailer. (I’ll give you a tour when we get settled.)

We don’t know where we will go or how. We don’t know where the provision will come from or how. We’ve had to minimize our possessions drastically, and then some. We’ve had to let go of so much in such a short amount of time. Yah! It stinks. Yah, I have totally failed the attitude test at times. Yet, I know that when God turns up the fires of refining in our lives, it is never without a purpose. And when the fire has finished up it’s purpose of removing all the impurities, it reveals a beautiful shining gemstone. So, one day soon we will shine so bright!


I have been wondering how I would share our adventures or life experiences in this new life change, and a blog seemed to make the most sense. Our name comes from a joke I had made up about our family. A Jalapeño married a Serrano, and we had Habaneros…..we are one spicy bunch! Truth be told, we are all so fiery, who knows how this small enclosed space will turn out! But expect that we will make delicious things out of the heat and pressures of life. I think salsa is the perfect thing….don’t you?

Love you all, and of course BIG HUG!

Sassy Serrano

(Juan Jalapeño + Sassy Serrano + 3 Habaneros = One Spicy Bunch)

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton