Short, Spicy & Sweet Update #1

It’s been a while since I have written! I know some of you want to know how we are doing. This triple S (short, spicy, and sweet) will be my ‘short and sweet’ update.

We are doing well! It’s about perspective right? But sometimes the pain oozes back up and bites us like a gnarly chile pepper. Needless to say, tears have been shed still.

We have had to say ‘sorry – forgive me’ many more times than we would like to admit.

We have had to learn MORE patience, MORE gentleness, MORE thoughtfulness than ever before. Yet, that is actually a GOOD thing. Just not easy.

All the changes and challenges are still working themselves out. I know in time we will adjust, find our rhythm, and what works. But not knowing that right now, screams failure to me. So, that is when I have to fill my soul and heart with truth. Pictures show adventures….but they don’t always give the full story.

We are still choosing ADVENTURE over DISASTER. Really whether in a big home, average home, expansive property or not; attitude is a choice. It really is taking me years to learn this, and I have to accept that learning is not overnight. We learn through life’s ups and downs, through loss, or through abundance. We can take the spicy, and add sweetness to it!

Which reminds me! Have you ever tried fried wantons with a sweet and spicy sauce? It’s soooo good. You get wonton wrappers fill it with cream cheese fry them until golden or you can bake them. Then you get asian chile sauce and mix equal parts with either cranberry sauce (holiday-style), or orange marmalade.

Your loving,
Sassy Serrano
a.k.a Spicy Mama
a.k.a. Wild Style
a.k.a. Ms. Adventure
a.k.a. I’ve been eating too much I better stop Mama, but I can’t because food is too good.
a.k.a. I better stop now